Graduated from College

4 years min. experience


Valid US VISA and Valid Documents



Job Description:

He is responsible for the navigation and discipline of the crew. overall responsible for the cargo and its stowage, and also the ship’s accounts and the crew’s wages. He is directly responsible for all certification as it pertains to the ship, whether from the Flag State, Classification Society or any other. The Captain also communicates with shore authorities on any commercial or other matters, including in response to oil spills or other accidents. After the World Trade Centre attacks, a new onerous duty has been added to all of these- the Captain is responsible for the security of the ship as well.

Contact Person: Crisalyn Umali

Contact Number: 09084150230

Agency Name: Top Ever Marine Management Philippine Corp.

Principal/Project: TEMM

Salary: 8,020

Number of Vacancies: 1

Contract term (in months): 6